10 Greatest Bollywood Soundtracks Ever


Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri, Shailendra, Ramesh Shastri & Jalal Mahilabadi  barsaat-1949 To be honest, this comes to no surprise that the best soundtrack in Bollywood history is the 1949 classic Barsaat. When Barsaat album was released in 1949, it became the highest selling album at that time, plus it was the biggest seller of the 40s decade. Another reason why this album is memorable is that it was Barsaat that gave Hindi cinema greatest singer ever Lata Mangeshkar the launching pad. This is Shankar-Jaikishan first album and upto this day, everyone can still associate with Barsaat. Every song from Barsaat is a classic in its own right. Barsaat utilizes Lata Mangeshkar vocals very well as most of the songs are solo rendition for her. From the memorable Hawa Mein Udta Jaye, to the melodious Jiya Beqarar Hai, to the poignant Barsaat Mein Hum Se Mile, to the irresistible Mujhse Kisise Pyaar Ho Gaya, to the emotional Bichide Huye Pardesi, to the touching Ab Mera Kaun Sahara, and the beautiful Meri Aankhon Mein Bas Gaye. All of Lata Mangeshkar solo track is a perfect ten in my books. The other gems in Barsaat were Mohammed Rafi solo track Mein Zindagi Main Hardam, and the other two tracks were duets that had Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar providing the vocals, and they were Patli Kumar Hai and Chhod Gaye Balam. Barsaat album changed the face of Bollywood as it launched the greatest singer to ever grace Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar. It launched one of the famous musicians, Shankar-Jaikishan. Plus, Barsaat gave us some precious songs that will be remembered in the years to come. No wonder Barsaat is the greatest album of all-time good.

2. Mughal-E-Azam(1960):-

Music: Naushad Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni. Mughal-E-Azam Mughal-E-Azam took ten years or more to be made, and with a grand film like this, you have to make sure each and every component is beyond brilliance. And considering that this is Bollywood, you have to make sure that your music is a winner. Naushad came up with a legendary score which can still be heard till this date. Every song has rich lyrics and will excellent rendition from the sings. From the evergreen Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, to the classic Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlal, to the haunting Mohabbat Ki Jhoothi, to the poignant Aye Ishq Yeh Sab Duniyawale, to the memorable Teri Mehfil Main Kismat Azmaakar, to the heart-warming Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye, to the unforgettable Aye Mohabbat Zindabad, to the brilliant Yeh Dil Ki Lagi, and the wonderful qawaalis Prem Jogan Ban Ke and Shubh Din Aayo Re. It’s really sad that Mughal-E-Azam didn’t get the Best Music at the Filmfare Award because the soundtrack is very rich and very romantic. Mughal-E-Azam is a treasure album that can be played over and over again.

3. Awaara(1951):-

Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri & Shailendra   awara(1951) Almost every RK Films has perfect score, and Awaara is an perfect example of that. Awaara is the best musical album in the 50s decade, also it was the top selling album of the 50s. Every song from Awaara is an evergreen. I would consider Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi to be one of Lata Mangeshkar best song till date, probably in the top 10 list. An instant rewind candidate. Other gems in this album are Dum Bhar Jo Udhar, Awaara Hoon, Hum Tujhse Mohabbat Karke, Jab Se Balam, Ghar Aaye, Ek Bewafa Se Pyar Kiya, Aa Jaao Tadapte Hain Aarman, Ek Do Teen, Tera Bina, and Haiyya Ho Naiyya. Awaara remains a classic after 56 years of this release.

4. Aashiqui(1990):-

Music: Nadeem-Shravan
Lyrics: Sameer

aashiqui Aashiqui is one of the best romantic soundtracks in Bollywood history that every Bollywood lover can reckon with. Each and every song is special in its own right. One can’t say what was the best song in this album, but the top contenders were Jaane Jigar Janeman, Bas Ek Sanam Chahiye, Nazar Ki Samne and Dheere Dheere Se Meri. Each of those songs are provide with great jhankar beats (a typical trademark from Nadeem-Shravan), wonderful lyrics from Sameer, excellent renditions from Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal. Those four songs are rewind material due to their great melody. The other great songs in this album are Main Duniya Bhula Doonga, Mera Dil Tere Liye, Tu Meri Zindagi Hai, Dil Ka Aalam and Ab Tere Bin. Nadeem-Shravan and Sameer both deserve a pat on their back for coming up with an classic album that is remember till date. In fact, Aashiqui will still be remembered in the years to come. It’s good to note that Aashiqui is the best selling album of all-times. That’s the magic of Aashiqui.

5. Maine Pyar Kiya(1989):-

Music: Raam Laxman
Lyrics: Asad Bhopali & Dev Kohli

maine pyar kiya When one looks down the years as the best Barjatyas musical album, Maine Pyar Kiya is that album. Maine Pyar Kiya was released in the last month of 1989, before hitting the 90s decade. And Maine Pyar Kiya has made a huge impact. For one, not only was it the biggest hit of 1989, it’s the biggest hit in the 80s decade. Two, it was the highest selling album in the 80s, which will appeal every age group. Three, it was the beginning of one of the biggest superstar of all-time Salman Khan. Dil Deewana is the piece-to-resistance of this album. Both Lata Mangeshkar and SP Balasubrhmanium sing their version superbly. One of the best songs to ever come out in Bollywood. The other winners in this album are Kabootar Ja Ja, Aaye Mausam Dosti Ki, Maine Pyar Kiya, Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali, Kahe To He Sajna, and the Antakshri song. Every song is wonderfully done, that you want to hear album a lot of times. The songs are memorable, which make Maine Pyar Kiya one of best soundtracks of all-times.

6. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(1995):-

Music: Jatin-Lalit
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

ddlj Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is crowning glory of Yashraj Films. Jatin-Lalit scores the music in this film, and they came up with a superb album with today, it still lingers in people mind. Easily the best song in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is Tujhe Dekha To. It’s easily being ranked as one of the best duets ever in Bollywood history. The other gems in this album are Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna, Ruk Jaa O Dil, Mere Khwabon Mein, Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko To, Zara Sa Jhoom, and Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi. No wonder why the Chopras can never go wrong on their music as they always get it right.

7. Kabhi Kabhi(1976):-

Music: Khayyam
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi

kabhi kabhi Thirty three years after Kabhi Kabhie release, yet the music still lives with us. What makes Kabhi Kabhie album so memorable? Well for one, Khayyam wonderful score. But, the main asset in Kabhi Kabhie that many albums don’t have (especially in today’s time) is its meaningful lyrics. If you have both meaningful lyrics and amazing score, then the album is a winner in all right, and Kabhi Kabhie proves this theory to the fullest. Yash Chopra is one director, after Raj Kapoor, who knows the significance of excellent music. Some people in the younger generation may ask their elders, what do you consider the best bollywood song ever in history? One can bet their money on the line that most answer will be the title track, Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein. Both Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar rendition is superb and Sahir lyrics are meaningful. Khayyam gives us a memorable tune that will be remembered in film history. Other gems are the beautiful Tere Chehre Se, to the beautiful Surkh Jodeki Yeh, to the simple, Mere Ghar Aaye Ek Nanhi, to the evergreen Main Pal…Do Pal, to the melodious Pyar Karliya To Kya, and the tuneful Chahe Chale Churiya, Kabhi Kabhie can easily be ranked as probably the best album to ever come out in the 70s.

8. Sangam(1964)-:

Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Lyrics: Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri

sangam Raj Kapoor’s Sangam was not only one of the biggest Hits ever in Indian cinema, but it was the #1 selling soundtrack in the 60s. It was winning score from the first song to the last song. Each song is unique in its own way, and the result of each song is appealing and easy to the ears. From the wonderful Bol Radha Bol, to the romantic Yeh Mera Prem Patra, to the haunting Dost Dost Na Raha, to the beautiful O Mehbooba, to the superb Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega, to the amusing Main Ka Karoon, and the splendid O Mere Sanam, the beauty of Sangam album was its simplicity and the album had a soul, which lacks in today’s soundtrack. It’s sad that the recent RK Films (PremGranth and Aa Ab Laut Chalen) had average scores, because back in the old days when RK Films were releasing, you can bet your money that an RK film will have great soundtrack. Sangam is amongst the top soundtrack in the RK banner and one of the best ever in Bollywood history.

9. Pakeeza(1972):-

Music: Ghulam Mohammed
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Kamal Amrohi, Kaifi Azmi & Kaif Bhopali

pakeeza One of the greatest classical albums of the 70s was definitely Pakeezah. Pakeezah is an album that has songs that can stir our emotions very well. The music was done by the immense talented Ghulam Mohammed, and it will be fair to say that Pakeezah is his best album till date. Every song from Pakeezah creates a mesmerizing effect on listeners till this date. From the haunting Chalo Dildar Chalo, to the elegant Chalte Chalte, to the wonderful Inhi Log Ne (this is amongst one the best mujras ever in Bollywood history), to the breathtaking Mausam Hai Aashiqana, to the beautiful Nazariya Ki Mari, to the excellent Thare Rahiyo, to the exceptional Mora Sajan, to the awe-inspiring Teer-E-Nazar, and the poignant Kaun Gali, after 37 years, the album still is amazing and like I mentioned before, it stills upto this day creates an mesmerizing effect on listeners. I can’t believe that Filmfare Awards gave Best Music to the average Beimaan album over the classical Pakeezah. Pakeezah is one of the most superior albums ever in Bollywood, and it’s an album that everyone should have.

10. Aradhana(1969)-:

Music: SD Burman
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Aradhana-1969 One can honestly say that SD Burman best till date is Aradhana. If one were to list the most popular songs in Bollywood history (let’s say 20 best songs), one can bet that Mere Sapnon Ki Rani and Roop Tera Mastana will make it to the list. Even their remixes are very popular. Those two songs scores in every department in terms of singing, lyrics and musical composition. However, there isn’t two winners, but three winners in the album. The other winner is Kora Kagaaz Tha Yeh Man Mera, which is one of the best love duets ever in Bollywood history. Those three songs makes Aradhana a winner already, however Aradhana had other great songs such as Gun Guna Rahe Hain, Baghon Main Bahar, Chanda Hai Tu Mera Suraj and Saphal Ho Tera Aradhana. A movie that shot Rajesh Khanna to stardom and an album that is memorable then and now.

  1. #1 by Tales of My Peregrinations on October 6, 2010 - 2:33 am

    Great list thanks so much! helped me to pick out some
    classics. I am kind of new to bollywood and havent seen
    as many of the old ones as I should (though Devdas is
    my favourite)

  2. #2 by Jay on April 29, 2011 - 1:07 am

    I’m surprised Sholay didn’t crack the top 10.

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